At Alpine Body Shop, we don’t stop at providing the highest quality collision repair services. After we complete your auto body repairs, we want your car to shine like when it was new. We give your car a gentle complimentary hand wash followed up with a thorough vacuuming, window cleaning and interior wipe down. After your auto body repair is done, it’s cleaned up and is looking like new, here are some tips to keep it looking that way.

• If your repair involved painting, don’t wax the newly painted surface for 90 days. This allows the paint to harden properly.

• Wax your car’s paint twice a year. It sounds like a lot of work, but wax is front line protection against the elements. We recommend that you wax it right before winter to protect it from snow and salt. After the winter, your wax protection will be nearing its limits, so in the spring make sure you put another coat on it to protect it from the hot summer sun.

• Don’t wax your car in the sun. Waxing your car in the sun can cause the wax to bake, and when you remove it can leave streaks in the paint. Many times the only way to remove them is with a mind polish and a high speed buffer.

• Don’t wash your car in the sun. As above, you want to resist washing your car in the sun. Some soaps can be pretty harsh, and if they don’t get it rinsed off your paint before it dries it can leave streaks, which then need to be buffed out.